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Computer labs and inverters

Art of Living's yoga and meditation courses for students

E-learning facilities in schools

Independent evaluation tests

A short documentary on what we do

Teacher training Program

Development of model schools

Individual student sponsorships

What we do

-E-learning facilities in schools

-Computer labs and inverters

-Art of Living's yoga and meditation courses for students

-Independent evaluation tests

-Individual student sponsorships

-Teacher training program

-Development of model schools

-Urban program for individual students

We set up e-learning facilities in schools by providing the e-learning software, computers, speakers and other accessories as required (Projectors for big schools). In the software the entire syllabus is in audio-visual format with very interesting animations which makes it easy and fun for the kids to understand important concepts. We conduct regular follow ups in the schools, and through the use of a counter introduced in the software we know how much each chapter of each subject has been played and at what time.

We set up computer labs in schools. We provide 1 computer behind every 5 children in a standard. We also provide inverters on a case to case basis.

We conduct Art of Living’s yoga and meditation courses for students where the powerful techniques like yoga and Sudarshan kriya are introduced to the students. These techniques when practiced regularly help students to improve concentration, focus better on their studies, have high energy level throughout the day and reduce stress. Art of Living’s teachers conduct regular follow ups in the schools. Also all students in the schools start their day with 20 minutes of pranayam and Sudarshan kriya every day.

We conduct independent evaluation tests of the students, once every 6 months. These tests are basic arithmetic and reading tests which test the basic maths and reading skills of the students. After collecting feedback from the tests, we recommend areas to the schools in which they need improvements.

We give individual student sponsorships to a few selected meretorious students from financially weak backgrounds in a few private schools.

We conduct a 3-day teachers training program for all teachers of tribal schools before we start work in that aera. The teachers training program includes E-Learning training, various sessions on different topics like how to skillfully handle children, innovative teaching methods, Art of Living's yoga and meditation course, lectures by prominent speakers.

Our area of work so far

-130 tribal schools in Ambegaon taluka

-127 tribal schools in Junnar taluka

- 12 tribal schools in Maval taluka

- 58 tribal schools in Khed taluka

- 250 tribal schools in Shahapur taluka

-18 municipality schools in PCMC area

- 3 ZP schools in Mulshi taluka

- 3 ZP schools in Mahad

- 13 ZP schools in Karjat taluka

- 10 municipality schools in Thane

- 10 ZP schools inother parts of Maharashtra

Our school development model consists of 3 areas: Teaching aids, Overall development tools and General facilities development. In teaching aids we set up E-learning facilities in schools, computer labs, library, chemistry labs, electronics labs and any other aids requested by teachers. Under overall development tools we conduct Art of Living's yoga and meditation courses, provide music and sports material. Under general facilities development we provide clean drinking water facilities, toilets for girls, well lit rooms, painting, plastering and other contruction work.

Urban program for individual students

Under our Urban program, we train students on E-learning and give students individual DVDs as per curriculum. We also conduct Art of Living's Art Excel and YES courses for students, Know your child and Know your teen courses for parents, a session on Introduction to a tribal student's life and many more activities and games.